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“Parental awareness and readiness for our educational vision.”

Parenting is mandatory 

Parents develop alongside their children. So, if the child learns, why don’t the parents learn as well? School isn’t a babysitting service where parents may unwind for a few hours while the child is away. It is essential that parents build a relationship with their child(ren) and play an active role in their growth and development. After all, the first instructor that child has is its guardian.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

‘Open Learning’ is a progressive movement around the world, in which children are taught in a unique setup instead of traditional education.

While school education deserves to be respected, it occasionally fails to respect each child's unique needs and interests. Open learning develops a child's natural curiosity. It provides a tremendous opportunity for the child to develop the freedom virtues that are inherently present in them, in addition to providing an awareness of the real world.

A specific method is followed which is half structured and half based on the interests of the students. According to this method, parents and kids can choose the classes and materials that suit the interests of the children.

Yes, a child's right to education is unalienable, and open learning promotes RTE. The only distinction is that the child's primary right is to think independently and live accordingly, Dholakia Nirman emphasizes on this thought.

Yes, according to RTE every child is eligible to get admission in any school according to his or her age.

Famous personalities like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale, Agatha Christie, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Newton, Albert Einstein etc. had learnt through unconventional methods. Jaya Vasavada, a well-known Gujarati author, was also homeschooled..

To obtain degrees children can give exams through GSOS, NIOS or IGCSE.

Risk is a part of our lives and the moment we give up on running behind the degrees our challenge begins. However it also means the learner will not rest until they find a pursuit for themselves. To get a job they need to hone their skills and that is more important than any degree. Many well-known organizations such as Apple, Google, Tesla, and SpaceX, offer jobs without a degree and I am sure more organizations will follow the trend .

New academic year commences in June. Although a child may join our community at any time of the year. It is not necessary to be a certain age to study. A child may be admitted to a preferred class based on his or her unique interests and aptitude.

We don’t have exams and grades. At Dholakia Nirman we believe in creating a conducive environment for the child in which the child is ready to learn on its own. The child is not just a bookworm or a mark-gathering machine but skillful, tactful (intelligent) and full of wisdom

It is up to the child to decide what to learn from the planning of his day, to be ready to make his own personal decisions from childhood. There is a routine and a general flow of the day to keep things organized.

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